Q :What are Building Regulations & British Standards?
A: The Building Regulations is a statutory instrument enforceable by law. It lays down regional minimum standards of construction for all types of buildings. A British Standard is a national minimum standard for building work.

Q: Do I require Building Regulations?
A: Normally, Building Regulations are required for all new buildings and alterations to existing buildings whether domestic, commercial or industrial.

Q: Does ABS Services NI provide Building Regulations?
A: ABS Services NI can provide Building Regulations of your planning drawings at the interim stage. ABS Services NI will ensure that all Building Regulations are produced to meet current legislation.

Q:I already have planning permission but require Building Regulations. Can ABS Services NI still provide them?
A:Yes. Building Regulations services are purchased online in precisely the same way as you bought Planning Services.

Q: Do I need to take the measurements of my house myself?
A: No ABS Services will measure your house for new as part of the package you choose

Q:Is the work you produced covered by insurance?
A:Absolutely, ABS Services NI is fully insured. Our professional indemnity insurance provides cover to £250,000 for each individual project, offering you complete peace of mind and protection.

Q: Does ABS Services NI carry out all the Planning Drawings and Building Regulations in house?
A: To maintain our reputation and ensure that we provide a consistently high service, we insist that all Planning Drawings and Building Regulations are produced in house. We never subcontract out work. However structural engineers and energy assessors maybe required on some projects. ABS Services will seek three separate quotations for this additional services and for the client to choose and pay for.

Q: What areas of the country do you cover?
A: ABS Services NI works across Northern Ireland, so no matter where you live we are able to provide you a cost effective, reliable and professional service.

Q: How will I receive my drawings?
A: When all statutory approvals have been granted ABS Services NI will then send you two copies of the approved drawings, via the post. If you would like to order additional prints, please see our pricing page

Q:What size are the drawings?
A: ABS Services NI produce initial and interactive drawings of A4 size. The preliminary and final drawings are produced in A1 size format.

Q:I require additional copies of my drawings. Do you provide a printing service?
A: Yes, we can supply as many additional prints as you may require and dispatch them to you by first class post. See are pricing page for more information